Website Maintenance

WordPress Website Need Maintenance?

Been Hacked, Infected with Virus or Malware?

Website Down, Crashed or Running Slow?

Then You Have Come To The Right Place!

WordPress Support and Maintenance

Comprehensive WordPress support and maintenance services, we can work on retainer with a fixed number of hours per month or at an affordable hourly rate, where we only work when you need things done. We are flexible, honest and reliable, if you aren’t happy with your current developer or have issues that need to be resolved give us a buzz today.

Our team of expert developers, will use the latest and best practices to support your website, we can have production and development environments to track changes, keep your themes and plugins up to date, assist with security and backups, and we will be able to highlight any pre-existing site issues and keep you updated whilst we work so you understand what is going on and are always kept in the loop, too many development companies spring hidden fees and charges on their customers, we believe in being open and transparent, and ensuring that you are well informed throughout the entire process.

Once your site is stable and working properly, we can assist you with incremental design and functionality improvements, and start focussing on making your website convert better.

Website Backups and Hosting

Keeping regular website backups and having good quality website hosting is important in the upkeep of your website. In many instances recovering from a backup is the cheapest and easiest way to get your site back online after a hack or malware infection.

For a small fee per month we can keep regular website backups (not on your web server) and also host your primary website in a secure Australian data centre.

Too many businesses fall into the trap of relying on their webhost to create your backups for you, we have seen too many instances where the backup is corrupted, the backups stopped working, the host never configured the backup for you, OR even worse, the backup was infected with the same malware as the live site.

You just can’t take that risk, we keep a range of snapshot backups, old and new, and a few backups in between just for good measure, so in case a backup was taken of an infected site, we can always roll back to a clean copy. Let us know if you would like more information.

Website Malware Detection and Virus Removal

If your website has been hacked or infected with viruses or malware, it’s not the end of the world. Our dedicated team of website security professionals can scan and repair your website and have you up and running in no time at all. We can also implement ongoing protection scanning and monitoring to try and prevent future attacks and put processes in place to minimise downtime in the future if you are subjected to another attack.

Our security technicians are always across the latest threats and are prepared to handle these issues when they arise, we monitor WordPress forums and blogs so that we are aware of known vulnerabilities, and are able to deploy patches and updates as soon as they are available to keep your site secure and protected.

As hackers become smarter, we are always working harder to stay one step ahead, we are able to deploy preventative mechanisms such as website firewalls to filter visitors to your website and restrict them access to your site. We have a number of solutions to offer based on your requirements and budget.

So don’t be another statistic, prevention is always better than the cure, so get proactive with your website security, or unfortunately if you are one of the many that have already been attacked, let us help steady the ship and get you back online.

WordPress Website Security and Penetration Testing

Once your site is clean and free from infection and malware, we can assist you with beefing up the security of your website. We can check for vulnerabilities, perform penetration tests to proactively find holes in your website and hosting, perform security audits, ongoing plugin and theme updates and clean-ups, recommend firewalls and ongoing virus scans and monitoring.

If you are serious about your website and the uptime of your site, then you need to be putting the right processes in place, and be supported by the right website security professionals to ensure that your website is safe and that you have the right measures in place in the instance that you are subjected to an attack. Either to limit the severity of the attack to ensure that the impact to the site, your brand, and revenue is minimised, and reduce the time it takes to recover from the attack.

Hacking, malware, viruses, cryptolocker, ransomware, brute force attacks and denial of service (DDOS) attacks are becoming more and more common in the digital age, so enquire today about Visual Marketing Partner’s web security solutions and ensure that you are prepared and protected.