Internet Marketing Strategy: Why is it Important?

Businesses are very careful when it comes to spending marketing dollars, but the truth is most businesses have neglected the most effective marketing tool that they have, which is the strategic planning of their internet presence!

It’s not a problem to spend thousands of dollars to pay for the design and development of their website, but the planning process and strategy building is usually neglected.


Many are under the misconception that a web designer is an expert in the area of online marketing and that they are also well versed in search engine optimization.

Does your business have?

  • Minimal sales and conversion

  • Traffic to your web site is not as expected or hundreds of dollars are being paid for traffic leads, but still there is no conversion (sales) from that traffic

  • Subscriptions to reports or newsletters that you offer are slim to none

  • You’ve received only minimal requests for services or products by email or telephone since your site launch


How could these problems have been avoided?

An Internet Marketing Strategy!

Visual Marketing Partners offers state of the art: website design, logo design, email marketing campaigns, social networking platforms, and our own customized publicity packages that are aimed to generate the most effective buzz for your business.

Our Expertise has been proven time and time again with a large variety of clients from: Art Galleries, Artists, Furniture Distribution, Professional Athletes, Fitness Moguls, Doctors and much more!

I LikeVisual Marketing Partners uses Social Media Marketing, to improve website visibility, name recognition, and brand awareness. Social media is a unique opportunity to communicate your brand and interact with your customers.

This is accomplished by a number of methods, including:



The marketing checklist is a simple tool designed to crystallize your needs for a marketing campaign.  This form allows you to share with us your past and present marketing endeavors, which in turn gives us the ability to assess your situation and customize a new plan for your business.


set-up-boxWe understand that every business has different marketing needs.




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